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> Unfortunately I didn't explain it enough. It would be a nice additional
> feature
> if &shy; always worked, but what I would like to have is a possibility to
> keep
> the original line break in the source text view and have nice text in the
> article view. Therefore I would like to have a character/string that is not
> displayed itself and "deletes" the empty space after it when there is a line
> break in the source. This can be &shy; but could also be "<->" or something
> else. It should just make possible that
> exam<->
> ple
> in the sourcetext view results in "example" instead of "exam ple" in the
> article
> view.
> The same should be with "-" at the end of line in the source text:
> twenty-
> three
> should result in "twenty-three" in the article view instead of "twenty-
> three"

I am assigned to this bug.Can you please figure out the link or the page where
you found it.

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