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> , again.
> Can we please revert jenkins to when it worked?

That is unrelated to the upgrade of Zuul I did last week which is "simply" add
a middle war between Zuul and Jenkins: Gearman.

The timeout issue is not related to Gerrit since we do not use it. The changes
are fetched using something like:

git fetch \
  refs/zuul/master/Z0e1e8799e33145bc911d2bd465d59179 \
  git://zuul.eqiad.wmnet/mediawiki/core \

The URL git://zuul.eqiad.wmnet/mediawiki/core points to gallium server which
has the Zuul daemon. That is where the merge references are created.  They are
publishing using git-daemon.

The reference /srv/ssd/gerrit/mediawiki/core.git is a replication of git
repositories which is on the same disk as the jobs workspace (/srv/ssd).  Which
mean when cloning, git will use hardlinks and save a ton of network I/O and
disk space.

When the fetch occurs, the client side apparently send to the server
(git://zuul.eqiad.wmnet/) a list of all objects then a diff is made server side
and the missing elements are sent back to the client.

The timeouts might be caused when a new workspace is created which cause the
full repository to be sent to the client. Might end up taking longer than 10
minutes :/

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