--- Comment #29 from Quim Gil <> ---
About the status of this report, I propose that we keep it open as "Normal -
Enhancement", moving the discussion about the topic reported in   

The maintainers of this beta feature say that the fixed width is part of the
experiment and therefore it is not a bug, which is a fair argument. They are
also the ones to decide which importance/urgency this report has in the context
of their work.

The contributors disliking this feature argue that in any case it is a core
issue to be considered in this beta experiment, and therefore this report can't
be simply resolved as invalid. This is also a fair argument, considering how
things happened. Resolving the bug as invalid can be confused with considering
the point reported invalid, bringing unnecessary friction.

The deployment of beta features is new to everybody, and some differences in
understanding about how to handle feedback may be expected at the beginning. By
design Beta Features encourage users to provide feedback to their related
discussion pages. Maybe this needs to be more stressed wherever appropriate.
For what is worth says "You
can also comment on each feature's discussion page (see links above and on your
Beta Features preferences page). If you find any technical bugs, please report
them here [in Bugzilla]."

Please, let's stop arguing here about priority status and let's focus the
discussion about fixed width at the talk page.

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