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Actually the problem seems to be the missing queue module.

In pywikibot\comms\ there is a try ... except ... to handle a missing
hhtplib2, unless this is not updated any longer.

      from httplib2 import SSLHandshakeError
      import Queue  -> this looks to be preferred!!
      import urlparse
      import cookielib
  except ImportError:
      from ssl import SSLError as SSLHandshakeError
      import queue as Queue
      import urllib as urlparse
      from http import cookiejar as cookielib

Speaking about queue ... in different parts of pywikibot, there is a preference
for "Queue" over "queue" and viceversa.

In pywikibot\ there is:
      from queue import Queue -> this looks to be preferred!!
  except ImportError:
      from Queue import Queue

Sounds strange to me.

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