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> Okay, let's start again: I'm Tim.  I have never used "SVG Checker", I don't
> know how it should behave, how it actually behaves on Toolserver and how on
> Tools.
> Given that, could you describe the problem in a way so I can reproduce it? 
> Thanks!

Oh, I'm sorry! I thought you meant URLs of files that didn't work. I didn't
realize I needed to list the URL of the tool!

Both versions of the SVG Checker are provided as links at

Steps to reproduce:

1. Pick any one of the files I mentioned, or any other valid SVG file, and
download it to your computer.
2. Go the above page and the link at the top.
3. Upload the SVG file in step 1, and click the button to submit.

Expected results:
A PNG version of the SVG should be rendered and displayed in the next page, on
top of a checkerboard background to indicate transparency.

Actual results:
A checkerboard pattern is displayed by itself.


To see how it is supposed to work, follow the above steps, but click the link
at the bottom of the page. That will take you to the toolserver version.

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