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> There's no point in writing long summaries. If you want it long,
> write in the talk page.

There is a bot running on Wikimedia Commons which cleans up overcategorization.
It is essential to explain every edit in detail. (i.e. what categories are
removed and why!) Of course the bot can not create a new talk page for every
The length of the edit summary needs to be increased because if two, three or
more categories are removed the space is not enough.

Link to the Bots contributions: (search for
"...)" to find truncated edit summaries)


Furthermore there was a discussion on about this bug. The result was
100% support (13) and 0% oppose (0). The discussion concluded that in some
cases about 512 bytes are necessary to explain a rollback/revert.

Quote: "speziell beim Revertieren während des Sichtens muss ich ständig den
vorgegebenen Text "Änderung von xxx wurde rückgängig gemacht und ...
wiederhergestellt" kürzen, um einem Anfänger höflich und genau mitzuteilen,
warum ich seine Änderung verworfen habe"

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