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> The fonts(default and options) for each language is based on bug
> reports/requests from community.

This is not persuasive.

First, it is not always clear what is being requested. For example, the first
request-url for Amiri cites <>. The request
in comments #7 and #10 is simply for the font to be made available by the
extension, not loaded automatically. But then there are comments #11, #16, and

> As there are problems with including the fonts. I request the extension to
> be disabled, because it is of no use now on the AR wikis.

> Hi, WebFonts might be causing long pages to overload; can it be made into
> a gadget?

> Now, the webfont extension is displaying the Amiri webfont for all users,
> because of some rendering issues related to Windows perhaps, I suggest
> showing the webfonts only for users who selected them.

Second, you did not anticipate the performance impact of loading web fonts, and
thus could not have represented it fairly to the community. The requests from
the community were thus made in ignorance of the trade-offs involved.

Third, with all due respect to the autonomy of, say, the Arabic Wikipedia, I do
not think that they can decide how Arabic font should be rendered in articles
on the French Wikipedia. In fact I would imagine that the requestors would be
surprised to discover that their request was used to underwrite this decision.
The Noto font family could be used on each wiki to provide support for all
languages which are not the primary content language.

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