--- Comment #108 from Nemo <> ---
 asked something like that around comment 47 but it's very hard: currently not
even WMF and its own changes have anything like a "database stress" ""budget"".
(Too long a discussion for this bug.)

(In reply to comment #107)
> OTOH, there are some items like Special:Unwatched Pages for which the maximum
> of 5,000 pages makes the report silly for a wiki like English Wiktionary.

Then let's try to make such pages useful. :) You have a few options:
* extend "unwatchedpages" permission and let people use action=info on
individual pages (simple config change),
* file a consensual config change request to increase the number of results
shown for that page (it's probably not too expensive) + a core bug to add such
a configuration option,
* propose some way to make that special page more useful for all wikis.

You don't need a budget to reason about what's important for your wiki and why,
and clearly expose your use case/proposal in new bug reports. MediaWiki has so
many features that it's often extremely hard for devs to understand on their
own what's really important / has a true impact on any given wiki/community (it
is even for wiki regulars on wikis they don't know). If you don't document,
describe and argue for the needs of your wiki, nobody will do it for you. ;-)

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