--- Comment #19 from Erik Moeller <> ---
It's important to recognize that ULS provides:

- UI language selection for logged in users (not for logged out users due to
cache fragmentation);

- input method selection for all users;

- default font selection for all users (e.g. for enabling the OpenDyslexic

- automatic WebFonts delivery for all users.

It's this fourth category that seems most contentious, because font files can
be very large and are often loaded unnecessarily. In the case of the Autonym
font, it is even loaded to display Latin characters, overriding the default
font and sometimes causing display issues. 

Would it be reasonable to set the font loading behavior to default-off, with a
preference for logged-out users (cookie or localstorage) and logged-in users
(actual preference) to "enable automatic font delivery"?

If so, attaching EventLogging to that preference might also yield some initial
data where this functionality is needed most.

Are there major performance concerns with functionality other than the font
delivery? If not, I would prefer an approach that focuses on that specific

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