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> Another group of unescaped brackets, found in all "comment" links in history
> pages, eg.
> Quiddity&workflow=0506915cf3d0b62ef835fa163e68c4ac&action=topic-history

If I View > Source of that page, or select "added a comment" and View >
Selection Source, I see %5B and %5D in the HTML, not square brackets.

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> Also in diffs, eg
Again, if you View > Source the URLs of the "history page" and "20 days ago"
links contain %5B and %5D, not brackets.

Note that when you mouse over these, and when you copy and paste them, your
browser shows you '[' and ']' in place of the %5B and %5D -- try it with the
URL in comment #8 -- so it's hard to tell what's going on. View > Source.

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That seems like a bug.  The hyperlink ends at the square brackets.  I don't
know if Flow should be escaping URLs before submitting to Parsoid or if Parsoid
is doing something wrong.

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