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> json files requires double quotes which jshint complains about. So I guess we
> need a different job that would use jshint with a specific configuration.

Have you verified that it warns for double quotes in *.json files as well?

I don't think JSHint will parse json files exactly the same as js files, even
if explicitly told to via ` --extra-ext json` because a plain JSON object is
not a valid JS statement.

Meaning, if you feed { "foo": "bar" } to a javascript parser as a statement, it
will not be an object (it will be a block statement with a label foo and a
statement with an unassigned string "bar").

As such, using jshint to parse json files would either be
1) pointless, as it would be validated as javascript instead of json, likely
causing all kinds of false positives not even related to coding or quoting

or 2) JSHint recognises it as a JSON file and therefore one would expect it to
not warn for double quotes.

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