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I'm reasonably sure what you are seeing is the 24 hour cache time on prefix
searches.  I saw that a few months ago and thought it would be problematic but
then forgot about it.  I've filed a [bz:60007|bug] for it so I won't forget it
again.  I can't promise anything on this soon because prefix search really is
slower then I'd like.  We have an inflight fix that cuts the time for short
prefixes on large wikis more than in half but it still isn't fast enough.  I'm
told there are features in the Elasticsearch that should let me cut that by an
order of magnitude but they are still labelled "experimental".  At some point
I'll have a look at that though.

Another option, while I'm thinking about it, is to make the cache time relative
to the number of characters being prefix searched and the size of the wiki. 
Only wikis with tons of titles really need much caching.  Also it doesn't do
too much good to cache prefixes longer than a few characters I think.

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