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So unfortunately I'm having a bit of a hard time following exactly what kind of
fallback sequence is wanted here. "A/fit A/fi A/en CDB A" does not mean too
much because CDB can be the CDB for any language.

Assuming the user language is fit and the content language is en, the current
sequence in the master branch code right now is:

DB/fit -> CDB/fit -> CDB/fi -> DB/fi -> DB/ -> CDB/en

And correct me if I'm wrong, but the "option 1" you're discussing is to change
the sequence to:

DB/fit -> DB/fi -> DB/en -> CDB/fit -> CDB/fi -> DB/ -> CDB/en

This sequence makes no sense, as it seems to cause the exact problem this bug
was reported for: when /en message overrides take precedence over the CDB for
the native language.

Can somebody please clarify exactly what sequence is desired and why? The patch
I have in gerrit right now makes the sequence this:

DB/fit -> CDB/fit -> DB/fi -> CDB/fi -> DB/ -> CDB/en

This sequence makes actual sense. If there is some functionality this sequence
does not fulfill, somebody please explain it to me and I will suggest a saner
solution that fixes the problem.

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