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I've brought it up at the Support Desk with no answers yet:

Others have noticed it as well from the comments I'm getting.

My process tree says the 'runJobs.php' is just not stopping. See the above link
for details. I've installed it 1.22 and the 1.23alpha's all the way up to wmf9
and still the same response. It hangs after 2 or three page clicks. 

Lists like:   
1014    runJobs.php --maxjobs 1 280360 kB       43316 kB        786 secs       
Kill Process
3220    runJobs.php --maxjobs 1 258148 kB       19732 kB        726 secs       
Kill Process
8645    runJobs.php --maxjobs 1 283576 kB       38100 kB        5221 secs      
Kill Process
8649    runJobs.php --maxjobs 1 259172 kB       17420 kB        5221 secs

and then a day later they are still there...
8645    runJobs.php --maxjobs 1 283576 kB       16316 kB        29670 secs

It makes the recent mediawiki versions completely unusable on two different
servers I have. One shared, one VPS.
No php errors in the log that I can see.

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