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          Component|General                     |Data Model
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            Summary|Failure to bring up save    |MWTransclusionNode.static.t
                   |dialog, addition of navbox  |oDomElements throwing
                   |                            |Object [object Text] has no
                   |                            |method 'setAttribute'

--- Comment #3 from James Forrester <> ---
This bug's symptoms are because it's throwing a fatal JS error (this is why
nothing works once the bug happens – you can't save, you can't switch to source
mode, you can't do anything).

The bug occurs when the transclusion is converted to Parsoid HTML.


Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Text] has no method 'setAttribute'
oo.EventEmitter.emit oojs.js:593
OO.ui.ButtonWidget.onClick oojs-ui.js:4246

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