--- Comment #12 from Andre Klapper <> ---
Main reasons for 4.4:

* Possible to save (but not share?) Tabular and Graphical Reports (used by
  several teams, e.g. Priority vs Severity for the components they maintain)
* WebServices (JSON-RPC etc):
(used by Arthur's Bingle/Bugello)
* "In reply to comment 12" quoting header adds name "by John Doe" (bug 53199)
* Possible to search for "tickets I recently commented on" (bug 55636; 
  "Allow Multiple Search Criteria to Match one Field")
* Faster Search.
* Support for GMail's threading (bug 49250)
* Bugs are no longer reassigned to the default assignee when moving the bug
  into another product or component if the current assignee is not the 
  default one.

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