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> In a second look I have realized that the graphs at
> count reviews. I think it
> would make more sense that they would count authors.
> I mean, when it comes to organizations it does make sense to see which
> organization is funding how much work, and it is good to count that work in
> reviews. However, our interest in the location of contributors is based on
> the
> people, less on the amount of reviews. 
> In the case of our community it is clear that most reviews come from USA and
> Germany (when the devs fills their data) because this is where most WMF and
> WMDE (professional, full time) developers are located. Still, if there are a
> dozen of developers with just a bunch of commits in some other country we
> definitely want to know. In this case, 10 developers with 5 merged commits
> each
> has more relevance than a single developer with 50 commits.
> Conclusion: it would be good to have the data based on authors. If you want
> to
> keep the current graphs that is fine too. 
> When it comes to ,
> we will swap "Submitted per country (aggregated)" for the graph by people as
> soon as it is available. But this is not a blocker for the KPI anymore, as
> agreed.

Ok Quim, I will take a look and try to use authors also in this report.

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