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> When it is ready it should appear at the URL
> //
> data/fontrepo/fonts/RailwaySans/RailwaySans.EXT
> where EXT is one of ttf, woff or eot.

Noting that's the canonical url. In theory, it's what most Wikis are running.
In practice, it's what Wikipedias are running

(In reply to comment #13)
> Sam B: Font is now available at
> //
> data/fontrepo/fonts/RailwaySans/RailwaySans.EXT
> where EXT is one of ttf, woff or eot
> Not sure why the static-current URL I gave above doesn't work. It'd be nicer
> if
> that was available, since eventually 1.23wmf10 will be removed from the
> server
> and the font URL will need to be changed.

1.23wmf10 would likely be around for the next few months, so using it in the
meantime wouldn't be an issue

(In reply to comment #15)
> Reedy seems to update the static-current symlink every Friday, so maybe we
> have
> to wait until then. If you can't wait, you can use the static-1.23wmf10 URL
> for
> now.

The checkoutMediaWiki script updates this as appropriate. It probably should be
called in switchAllMediaWikis too.. I'll look at doing that today.

(In reply to comment #16)
> Just note that you dont need to use a specific font URL to use this font in
> css. ULS has webfonts feature. You just need to have fontfamily defined as
> RailwaySans in inline css or external css or somewhere. ULS will make sure
> that
> font get embedded. ULS will add the necessary @fontface css to the page. Eg:
> As noted above, does not seem to have updated to the
> required version

Thanks Santhosh! :) I did think there was a "better" way to use in on a wiki
rather than having to load in a bits url etc etc

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