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Screenshot of the problem, as it exists in onwiki Notifications, too:

I believe it's to do with how a post is made - whether it is 4tilde ~~~~ signed
or not. Some bot-notices are standard-signed, some are not.

It is related to (or duplicated at ?):
* bug 57152 (talkpage messages without a 4tilde signature, do not generate
correct section links or summary)

But that has cross-issues with
* bug 53132 (Notifications are not sent when a user mentions another if the
signature of the sender contains localized namespaces)
* bug 54639 (Echo is not triggering notifications when a mention is made while
reorganizing comments in the page)

I particularly worry about (If the signature
requirement is removed, will "archiving a talkpage" trigger dozens of
accidental pings?)

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