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--- Comment #43 from Antoine "hashar" Musso <> ---
Gerrit still believe that jenkins-bot user does not have any email address
despite the address being shown in virt0 LDAP.

The suspect is that the LDAP replication to virt1000 is broken and that is the
server Gerrit is using as a primary.

Whenever Gerrit learns about jenkins-bot user, the script I wrote should be
able to push its change.

The last build I triggered (
) yields:

7:14:47 remote: ERROR:  In commit c414977bcdbcbdf6331d9fe2e627bc0768695966
17:14:47 remote: ERROR:  committer email address
17:14:47 remote: ERROR:  does not match your user account.
17:14:47 remote: ERROR:
17:14:47 remote: ERROR:  You have not registered any email addresses.

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