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> @hashar: Would it been enabled (again) on the real irc-server if bug 56758 is
> fixed and edits are echoed to the correct channels. (as far as i understand
> the
> case currently the bug would resolve this one. Or os the one already resolved
> and there was an error in the config?)

I guess we could prefix the irc channels with #beta- .  It is probably not
going to cause too many load on the IRC server.

You would want to reach out with the bots operators to find out whether it is
going to cause issues to have some new channels added.

We also need to implement a setting in MediaWiki to prefix the messages being
sent to the IRC server.  I am no more familiar with this code but that is
probably easy to do.   We can then set the prefix on the beta cluster, leaving
production without prefix.

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