--- Comment #4 from Nathan Larson <> ---
We're still awaiting an explanation of how, without interwikis, we'd handle
mythical interwiki transcluding. Most of the other mythical use cases, such as
interwiki page existence checking, merely require an API URL. [[mw:Requests for
comment/New sites system]]

Even if we scrapped interwikis, though, it would still be slightly more
convenient to have Project: be standardized for situations in which people want
to import project namespace pages from other wikis. As it is, if I import
FooWiki:Policy, it ends up in the mainspace of my local wiki, and I have to
move it to Project:Policy. Also, any wikilinks to FooWiki: pages have to be
edited to point to Project: (or BarWiki:) pages (or to be external links). The
only advantage I can see to the current system would be if we WANTED those
links to break when the pages are ported.

I guess if the interwiki prefixes were scrapped, one could make Wikipedia: be a
namespace alias for Project:, and then the imported wikilinks wouldn't break.

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