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Just to note how important the fix of this bug is. Using my Laptop, not a very
good one but quite usable, I simply cannot open items containing lots of
statements. Both Firefox and Chrome give me a message because of an
"unresponsive script" every ~30 seconds for more than 10 times. Thus I also
cannot view or edit this items which is a really hard fact and does affect lots
of users afaik.

Something I have recognized is that the whole HTML for the statements is
recreated via Javascript because you can see that after each "unresponsive
script" dialog some more statements appear in the list. This should not be the
way to go but the HTML should be created in the PHP part of the software.
Javascript should only be responsible for clicking events etc. but it should
*never ever* create tons of HTML and construct a whole web page.

So please take as much effort into that as possible because a database where
the data cannot be viewed or edited does not make lots of sense.

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