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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > 4. The tab for VE, if users activate it, should be "Editor VisualBETA"
> Note that this is different from the enwiki config (the rest of the request
> is
> the same). On enwiki:
> * users who have VE disabled only see one tab, labeled "Edit", that points to
> the source editor
> * for users who have VE enabled, this tab is labeled "Edit source" instead
> * additionally, they have a VE tab labeled "EditBETA"
> * the VE tab appears after (to the right of) the source editor tab
> For eswiki, #4 in the request asks us to implement the third bullet point
> differently, by labeling the VE tab "Editor VisualBETA" rather than
> "EditarBETA".
> So what should happen to the source editor tab for users who have VE enabled?
> Should it be labeled "Editar código" (as it is now, and would be with an
> enwiki-like configuration), or as "Editar", or ... ? Should it appear before
> or
> after the source editor tab (right now it's before, with an enwiki-like
> configuration it would be after).

In the case a user enables VE, the source editor tab should remain as "Editar",
and a new tab labeled "Editor VisualBETA" should appear after it.

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