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Many redirects exist because they respond to expected (simplified) alternative
names, plurals, synonyms, non-complete names of people and places, and popular
uses in general. It is likely that these popular uses are also used in
articles. When selecting a word, the difference between VE recognizing or not
these redirects is important:

* If the redirect is recognized and the destination page is shown, most editors
will understand the difference and will choose the complete name.

* If the redirect is not shown then you can be a lazy editor and insert the
link (having no idea whether it will result in a red or blue link), you can
avoid the link altogether just in case, or you can be a good editor (as I try
to be), open a new tab, and search that term only to find that many times such
term is a known redirect.

Do the latter 20 times in a long article and you will come to this bug report
as I did. I found this to be a big nuisance in real editing. (with the side
benefit that I tested Cirrus Search more and I even found a bug, thanks to
these deviations caused by VE)

PS: or simply show the redirects in italics, as they are already displayed in
some MediaWiki lists.

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