--- Comment #57 from Wes Turner <> ---
Why isn't there an option to select between "a Wikimedia project" and "Powered
by MediaWiki" if both images are 88x31?

Not too familiar with the mediawiki codebase [...]

   $ grin -i poweredby

   $ grin 'getPoweredBy|poweredbyico' . -C 5

I see a getPoweredBy function in includes/Skin.php :

    $url = htmlspecialchars(
"$wgStylePath/common/images/poweredby_mediawiki_88x31.png" );

And then in includes/SkinTemplate.php a template variable is set:

    $tpl->set( 'poweredbyico', $this->getPoweredBy() );

But how/where does 'poweredbyico' get included into the Vector template?

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