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Sorry about not responding to this sooner.

(In reply to comment #0)
> As a substitute of a bot, MassMessage inherits a subscription model based on
> entries listed in wiki pages. This is a very fragile process, open to abuse
> and
> user mistakes. It is also a process that puzzles most humans out there.

I agree that the {{#target}} syntax is not very friendly to users, and could
definitely be made better, but I don't think that preferences are the way to

> A first step wold be very basic: subscribe to all notifications / unsubscribe
> from all notifications. A possible next step would be to allow subscriptions
> per "channels" or "newsletters".

I don't believe this fits MassMessage's model very well. Input lists aren't
tracked by the extension, and can be created by any user at any time. Messages
might be sent out once, or they might be sent out regularly.

If you want to let users sign up for all notifications, just create a central
list, and transclude that list on individual lists for each "newsletter".

I think this kind of functionality belongs in Echo (bug 56362 or bug 56361),
though I remember being told Flow was going to handle subscriptions...

(In reply to comment #2)

> > Open to abuse how? Wiki pages provide full accountability and transparency,
> > unlike user preferences.
> Unlike user preferences, anybody can edit the pages that MassMessage relies
> on.
> Sure, if someone deletes 60 entries this will be noticed, but the risk of
> having users doing small changes adding/removing someone else's entries is
> high.

This works both ways. Most wikis (anyone who isn't the WMF basically) don't
keep logs of when a user's preferences change, so if a user sets it and then
wonders why they're receiving the notification, there is no log available to
verify it.

I know there were complaints of not being able to stop the Translation
Notification Bot from posting on a user's talk page - only the user could
change it in their settings.

> It would be good to have a firm answer from the MassMessage maintainer(s).
> Currently MassMessage looks like the closest tool to deliver this needed
> feature. However, if you decide this functionality is out of scope then yes,
> we
> will need to find another way to do this.

I don't plan on adding a subscription ability to MassMessage via user
preferences, nor do I think it makes sense for the extension. Echo is probably
the closest to what I think you're looking for IMO.

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