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--- Comment #4 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
To revert a new unit created by a vandal inserting spam text, deleting it
requires administrator rights. But you can edit it and replace the spam text
entirely with "!!FUZZY!!" and nothing else. The translate tool however should
not count any unit which is currently only "!!FUZZY!!" as a fuzzy one, but as a
non-translated one, as it was before the vandal created the new version with
spam or random text (random text, typically a single character, may be inserted
by error because of an unexpected keystroke in the textarea.

More generally every action you can make on a regular page should be possible
in the Translate tool when selecting a unit from the list on units, directly in
the edit form. This includes the possibilty of previewing it.

Note that we can close the edit interface by keeping edits unsaved, but without
canceling it: this allows visiting other units to copy/past some parts and
return to the edited unit:

* the background color in the preview shoudl turn to light red, showing in the
list that the edit was still not "Saved" or "Cancelled".
* If we cancel out own changes, the text is revereted to the saved version, and
the background color in the list turns back to white, or yellow (!!FUZZY!!)
* IF we attempt to navigate to another URL, we'll see the alert box saying that
there are unsaved edits that could be lost.
* The same background in light red color would be used if a save action failed
for any reason (e.g. database is locked, or edit conflict, or server not
responding, or network problem, or loss of session, or mismatching value
page-edit cookie, or expiration of user's logon cookie, or change of status of
the user, such as the user being blocked for abuse/vandalims).

In other words: make sure that each unit behaves like a regular page, except
that everytging in the Transalte page is like a "decoration" around the edited

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