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This should be possible now if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and
don't overload the instance :-).  Cc'ing Coren to give his administrative okay;
the rest are directions for green lights:

1. Log into tools-webgrid-01.pmtpa.wmflabs and take a look at
/usr/local/bin/tool-lighttpd (that is called by "webservice start").  It
basically starts /usr/local/bin/portgrabber with "$tool" (the name of the tool
a webserver should be started for), "/usr/local/bin/lighttpd-starter" (the
program to start) and "$tool" (again; this time arguments for
2. portgrabber takes to the portgranter on the local host, sends it "$tool" and
gets a free port number in return.
3. portgranter sets up tools-webproxy to relay requests to
"$tool/ to a webserver on that port number.
4. portgrabber then calls lighttpd-starter with the argument "$tool" and the
added port number which starts a webserver on that port number.

To braid in Netty there (or any other thing that speaks http) you need to make
a wrapper script that takes the port number as its command line argument and
starts up a Netty instance on that given port.  Then you submit a job to the
queue "webgrid" with the command "portgrabber wrapper-script".  This will start
portgrabber on webgrid, that will start your wrapper script with a free port,
and this can then start Netty.

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