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> > should be preserved as a live, editable, no-new-users
> > wiki at the WMF cluster.
> Why not move the content to the wiki at

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> I'm not sure we want to move this wiki, per se. Looking at
> <>, there are currently
> about 320 content pages and a little over 1500 pages total on the wiki. We
> could just merge this content into Wikitech (or or Meta-Wiki or
> ...) and take a full snapshot of for posterity. This
> would
> be a lot less work, I think.

I see three problems with that:

1. Moving a whole wiki is a more or less standardized process.  If we only move
parts, we probably need to develop some scripts for that.  If the migration
fails at some point, when moving a whole wiki you can just delete it and start
anew, when moving to a live, already existing wiki rolling back is a *big* pain
in the ass.
2. After a partial merge from one wiki to a namespace or something similar *no*
user attribution will be correct, *no* link will be correct, links outside of
the parts merged won't work at all or point to different content, the skin will
be totally different.  Moving a whole wiki doesn't pose these challenges nor
corrupt information.
3. The Toolserver wiki will have no useful (apart from a historic view)
information that would enrich wikitech because it relates to a totally
different system.  On the other hand, users would refer to this obsolete
information so that the support channels would get pestered not only with the
typical "I read that this should work somewhere on the InterNet!", but also "I
read it on wikitech!"  So I would like to avoid any possible confusion between
current, up-to-date documentation and information kept for historic value as
far as possible.

> [...]

> Who owns the domain? Will the domain ultimately
> belong to the Wikimedia Foundation? is currently registered by WMDE; I have no opinion if it should
be registered to WMF at some point because the differences will be negligible.

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