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> So adding a
>   box-sizing: content-box;
> in IE80Fixes.css might fix this.

No. box-sizing: content-box is the default value. box-sizing: border-box is
here the correct value to generate a textarea with a width of 100% including
padding and border.

The CSS property box-sizing is supported in Internet Explorer since version 8: In compatibility
mode the Internet Explorer 8 seams to ignore the property box-sizing for

The definition in IE80Fixes.css disturbs the correct working Internet Explorer
8 in the default standard compliance mode. In attachment 14343 you can see that
the width of the box is correct when IE80Fixes.css is empty. But an empty
IE80Fixes.css generates a overflowing box in compatibility mode of Internet
Explorer 8. Maybe it is not possible to fix in both modes.

WikiEditor avoids the problem by using
.wikiEditor-ui textarea#wpTextbox1 {
  border-left: none;
  boder-right: none;
  padding-left: 0;
  padding-right: 0;
so content-box and border-box has the same width.

IE80Fixes.css is supposed to fix the bug 19334. I can not reproduce the
problems described in bug 19334. I think the workaround in IE80Fixes.css
generates more problems than it solves problems.

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