--- Comment #31 from Andre Klapper <> ---
Shabab / Jayanta / Tanvir / Nasir:

The patch to add the AdorshoLipi font welcomes more testing from community as
its glyphs (the way certain letters are displayed) might require more work.

To make it easier for you to test and compare the font, Runa said that she will
try to make the link in work

Is there anything else to help you and the Bangla community to provide feedback
on the AdorshoLipi font, apart from making that comparison link work again?

Have / Could you ask the community on the local Village Pump / discussion page
to please help testing the font and to add feedback in that thread on the
discussion page? Afterwards, somebody could summarize (or translate the
feedback to English if needed) and add it here in Bugzilla as a comment?

Thanks in advance for your help to get this font hopefully deployed soon to the
entire community!

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