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So, I finally found the file responsible of updates navigating the obscure repo

If I understand correctly the update is run every 24h in a cron. The simplest
change I can think of is:
1) add a sleep time of 1 second between a request and the following;
2) if a table has 1000 wikis or less (or is "mediawikis"), update them all;
3) if a table has 1000 wikis or more, update only 1000-1500, in this way:
  a) start from those whose last update was earlier,
  b) first update up to 500 wikis with more than 100 articles,
  c) then update up to 1000 of the other wikis.

In this way we would update the whole Wikia table in a month (or one year once
it's completely filled) but have data 10 or so days old at most for the bigger
wikis. And the cron would always run in a reasonable time.

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