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> > Isn't this something that should be done by E[extension]:AntiSpoof?  It 
> > shouldn't matter
> > if the reason they can't get the name is because there is an exact match or
> > if
> > it is too similar, it should "look" the same to them.
> I think you're confused. AntiSpoof is only one of the many reasons a username
> can be rejected, think of TitleBlackList and probably AbuseFilter. This is a
> bug about core being able to handle properly the cases where the user picks
> the
> wrong username, rather than throw a punch at the user every time as it
> currently does.

What I was saying was it shouldn't matter why the username is unacceptable, all
of the reasons should be detected and returned to the user in the same manner. 
It shouldn't be "just" this name already exists in the database.  It should be
"This may be an unacceptable username, please try another or: $1" and $1 should
be, if it is a titleblacklist, or antispoof, or abusefilter then "You may
request this name from our account creation team" and if it is an exact match
already in the database it should return something like "You may request to
usurp this account if it is inactive".  Or something of that nature.  This
means that as part of this extension, there needs to be hooks into all other
extensions and pieces that could block a username from being created.

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