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This isn't a Wikimedia bug. The same problem applies when you try to upload
something from *any* domestic connection in Hong Kong to *any* USA-based
website which doesn't have its dedicated worldwide network backbone.

Pre-2007 it was impossible to do en.wp vandalism work from the Far East because
the connection was too slow to do anything useful. When WMF staff first visited
Hong Kong for CWMC 2006 / around Wikimania 2007, the first thing they exclaimed
was "I'm surprised how slow it is to load Wikipedia here."

If we had infinite budget, we could build our own network backbone like Google
did (hence YouTube was a sensible uploading option when Commons isn't). But
sending large files to a foreign country over the internet is in general a
luxury that only North America and Western Europe can afford. It is a problem,
but not a Wikimedia bug, that we can't do the same between HK and WMF

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