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> I'm with the NIH critics.  cronie already provides crontabs on a cluster (->
> redundancy), and that can be used with SGE (or anything else) for load
> distribution and resource management.  Plus, it has a userbase in the
> millions.
> The only problem at the moment is that Ubuntu doesn't ship it (cf.
> So if the scope of this bug is to package cronie for Ubuntu (or pimp systemd
> or
> upstart for clusters), hooray, but if we end up with yet-another something
> with
> new bugs and nobody maintaining it, I'd rather pass on that.

Could you possibly explain how cronie is used for cluster execution? Because I
cannot find any documentation on it, nor do I see any evidence of it in the
source code. (To the contrary, the README specifically says cronie is *not*

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