--- Comment #82 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
I also agree that forcing ULS completely off is a bad situation. At least it
should remain as an optional gadget in user preferences, possibly in the Beta

I really love the possibility of switching user langguage of the interface in
one click, notably for testing translatable pages, usng the ULS icon at top of
pages, even if I did not like much the ugly look of the Autonym font

Nothe that the Autonym font lacks is still lacking a BOLD version, for example
in language navboxs displayinf the current language in Bold black instead of a
normal link, or usable with the LangSelect template or the "multilingual" on
Commonns, where all language autonyms are displayed. If the "autonym" class is
present, and Autonym webfont downloaded, the browser will use synthetic bold
which is almost unreadable in sme scripts like Hebrew.

This bug cannot be marked "fixed" but should become a tracker, expecting for
more work to be done. IT should remain open or at least replaced by a new
tracking bug collecting the efforts in ULS and all the various things to do to
improve it.

So please reenable ULS at least in Beta preferences, and split ULS into several
separate gadgets (Webfonts alone independantly of languages, IME, script
variant selector for Chinese with automated transliterators, per-languuage font
preferences with or without webfonts, and UI language selector) even if there
remains a central dialog to setup all these components.

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