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The Wikisources were using the functionality of ULS within templates as a means
to show these character sets as per the works being replicated, and this
enabled these different character sets,  easily even something like the
blackletter font-family:'UnifrakturMaguntia'  Having this functionality OFF by
default means that the Wikisources cannot know that the font will show unless
we convince people to turn it on (somehow), and to even be able to notify them
how to do it.

Out of my technical grasp of how to now implement this, and for the broader
communities to have to nut out the issue, from a bugzilla report about which
they know nothing is not helpful.

That this disabling out of the normal release cycle, and without information to
the wikis is quite problematic. If changes like this are going to happen, it
would be good for solutions to be provided prior to the change, for the change
to communicated. We have have a forum for such things, and it wasn't used.

It is not a case of the whipping boy, but this is a repeat of earlier
instances, and a massive case of <grrrr> <face palm> with lashings of deja vu.
How is WMF going to demonstrate that they will utilise the processes that they
have advocated for such changes where the impact is broad?

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