--- Comment #16 from Luis Villa (WMF Legal) <> ---
So, for generic private wikis I'd like to propose using this language:

"This wiki is private, and you may have agreed to keep the information in it
confidential. Where confidentiality obligations do not apply, material in the
wiki is available under CC BY-SA 3.0. By using this site, you also agree to the
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy." [Linkify as appropriate.]

If the wiki clearly/definitely has an applicable confidentiality agreement,
"may" would be removed and "have agreed to keep the information in it
confidential" would be linked to the appropriate confidentiality agreement.

For sites where the footer appears to claim copyright for the Foundation, I'm
comfortable replacing it with this - in many instances, the claim appears to be
inaccurate, and where it is accurate, we can license it under CC when it isn't
confidential information.

This is obviously not ideal, and we can continue to look at the details to help
make it more clear/specific for particular wikis. But I think it strikes a good
balance of (1) being footer-sized (2) reminding people of their obligations and
(3) stating that where the obligations aren't applicable, CC is assumed to be
the default.

Thoughts/suggestions/etc. welcome.

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