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> @Matt, the way I read the bug was that us someone goes to,
> downloads and installs the CMS, in its out of the box configuration it should
> not be confused with a wikimedia foundation wiki.

Sidenote, it's wiki software, not a CMS.  See .

> Which would mean some possibly radical changes to the skin. I think this goes 
> beyond logos and color.

I agree with Quim.  Having WMF-specific overrides on things like color, logos,
typeface, footer, sidebar, etc. should be enough.  There's also extensions. 
Although the primary purpose is to add new (open source) functionality, since
different wikis have different extensions installed, that also creates a
different experience.

If we have actual different core functionality on by default, that means
additional common configuration possibilities to test and less efficient
collaboration with non-WMF developers.

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