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> This to me is an argument for a configuration extension, that allows users on
> their own wiki to quickly change logo, colors, fonts, etc. but that is a
> separate bug.

I've just filed bug 60317. It shouldn't be an extension, in my opinion, it
should be in core. :-)

(In reply to comment #22)
> Good skinning includes:
> * Changing typefaces and font sizes
> * Changing colors and backgrounds
> * Changing variable/fixed width
> * Changing the position of navigation bars horizontal or vertical left/right
> * Customizing the footer
> Technically, MediaWiki and vector allow you to do this... In practice doing
> this and maintaining your changes is a pain that almost nobody wants to go
> through.

Indeed. I like this thinking. It focuses on positive action and tries to
encourage creativity and customizability. I separated this idea out into bug

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