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Re-quoting comment 0:
> Wikipedia's visual identity should be distinct. It need not be obnoxiously
> and loudly distinct. It is probably sufficient to apply a subtle, non-default
> styling to a prominent UI element, like changing the color of the Vector
> sidebar to a slightly different shade of grey.

After giving it some thought, I think this is bullshit. Perhaps in a world
where every user is the ideal user (competent, attentive, using decent computer
equipment, etc.), subtly changing the sidebar color would work.

But people, real people, barely understand what Wikipedia is. They have no idea
who Vector is or what a MediaWiki is. As far as they're concerned, "Wikimedia"
is a typo for "Wikipedia". And most of them have bad eyes or bad computer
monitors, so the sidebar blends in to the page content.

This is to say: for the people who can distinguish a URL bar and the logo, any
subtle change won't help; for everyone else, any subtle change won't help.

That leaves us with a non-subtle change. I don't really want to pursue that.

Perhaps there are specific, actionable items that can come from this bug, but
as far as I'm concerned, at the moment, I'd consider it invalid. This isn't to
say that every idea here is bad or shouldn't be pursued. We should definitely
make it easier to customize the skin (echoing Trevor in comment 4 and Jared in
comment 25), but I don't currently see much path for growth in this bug report.

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