--- Comment #6 from Kunal Mehta (Legoktm) <> ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> Because then you have a weird maze of different files to dig through to try
> to
> find where some setting is being set. When one extension needs some complex
> configuration based on the other then this might make sense, but for
> something
> simple like this I don't see it.

I would just stick a comment saying # Note additional settings might be
conditionally set in File.php

My expectation would be that if I have CheckUser and OAuth installed, it would
just work, without requiring identical configuration that every wiki needs to
set up. 

> That particular suggestion would also depend on the ordering of the loading
> of
> the extensions, unless you're doing it in $wgExtensionFunctions which can
> have
> its own issues.

I was thinking that rather than functions using $wgMWOAuthGrantPermissions
directly, you could have an intermediate function which adds the conditional
ones. But I don't know the extension as well as you do, so I'll defer to your
judgement :)

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