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--- Comment #1 from James Forrester <> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> VE has a number of confusing cases: 
> In each case, open the page, edit in VE, and click Heading:
> * If the page starts with non-editable line like an image link, clicking
> Heading does nothing at all and the Save page button does not become enabled
> * If the page starts with a single line of text, VE turns that text into a
> heading

That's where the cursor is, yes. I don't think that either of these are a bug
per se, but yes, they're a bit confusing.

> * If the page starts with lines containing single line breaks, VE wraps the
> whole string in "==" thus garbling the contents of the page.  For example if
> a
> page begins with
> A line
> another line
> VE turns that into
> ==A line
> another line==
> and then forces the user to go through the "Wiki markup detected" dance. Note
> that if the user actually does select "A line/another line" then the behavior
> of VE is subtly different, which is also confusing.  
> Suggest that clicking Heading without any text selected should create an
> example heading as the old wikitext editor does.

Yeah, confirmed. Re-titling the bug to specify.

Sorry for very slow triage.

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