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One problem with alert() is that it's not HTML, so you couldn't click on the
source file links which appear in the Scribunto backtraces.

(In reply to comment #1)
> Okay this doesn't look so bad now as it seems to only become a problem when a
> ScribuntoError occurs (I'm not sure how often this occurs on wiki's - I've
> only managed to replicate this locally). 

You can replicate it on the pages in this category:

It looks like there are currently no such pages in the main namespace, so the
impact of this bug on readers of is negligible.

There's a bug in Scribunto which causes jquery.ui.dialog and the hidden
category to be added even if no errors are emitted into the final HTML, say due
to the error being sent to the condition of a {{#iferror:}}. At one point,
there were tens of thousands of pages in [[Category:Pages with script errors]]
for no obvious reason, possibly due to that bug. So, it would have affected
mobile readers at that time. That could be reported separately if it's not

> However it seems bizarre to me that the
> entire jQuery UI library would be loaded simply for error reporting...

I think error reporting is the most important feature in Scribunto, it's
central to the usability of Lua scripting. So I don't think it's bizarre that
it loads libraries. It's just somewhat inefficient. 

I would be fine with a lightweight DIY thing, or with dynamic loading of
jquery.ui.dialog on click of the error message, with a spinner.

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