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I did not hijack this bug, but the difficulty deleting a page is not a but of
the Trnalate tool itself, it is a basic MediaWiki feature that requires a
separate adminship, unezlarted to the Translate tool.
Here we need a way to delete a translation, using only the translation
extension itself. So yes my replies/suggestions are perfectly on topic (and yes
replacing the content with "!FUZZY!!" only already DOES this work, except that
it's very unfriendly for tranlators if they don't know it).
I just *suggest* adding this within the Rereading view with an additional icon
to mark a translation as bad (clicking on it would cast a negative vote) and an
icon to revert it (any translator could do it).

On multilingual witi sites it ihas already been observed that the Translate
tool already *hijacks* the normal behavior of sites where it is enabled, by
restricting edits too much and causing excessive work by wiki admins. Yes the
translate tool is intended to be used by a maximum number of contributors (it
should be) and not just by a few admins that are definiteitly NOT good

At some point later, even the specific "translate admin" right should be
dropped, or opened to any regular user. Translations is a basic feature of
regular users already doing them without the tool by editing pages or
templates. The Translate tool is just there to help/accelerate the process and
easily manage translations, it should have NEVER limited them.

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