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Browser tests are failing on beta labs.
I checked some failing edit existing title and edit existing post, e.g. , and the
screencast ends with an errorbox containing

   The error message received was: Database query error

deployment-bastion:/data/project/log/dberror.log contains 16 very similar
entries complaining Duplicate entry for key 'flow_revision_unique_parent' in
`flow_revision`, e.g.

Tue Jan 21 20:40:47 UTC 2014    deployment-apache32    enwiki   
Flow\Data\RevisionStorage::insert    1062    Duplicate entry
'���\��>� for key 'flow_revision_unique_parent' (    INSERT  INTO
VALUES ('�\"�u4�@>92','820',NULL,'���\\��>�,'edit-title','post','

The browser tests all hit the same Talk:Flow-QA page and can run concurrently,
so it's possible two tests are trying to edit the same topic and post. Maybe
upcoming edit conflict handling will report a conflict in place of the DB

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