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--- Comment #2 from Mark Nelson <> ---
I looked into this a bit. The scroll happens in all overlays that request
"full-screen" using the mobile-overlay code in
MobileFrontend/javascripts/common/Overlay.js. There's a deliberate
window.scrollTo(0,1) that does it, with the comment "skip the URL bar if

On desktop this is pointless, but on mobile it does succeed in
"full-screening": in many mobile browsers, the URL-bar is shown iff the window
is scrolled all the way to the top. So setting the scroll 1px down has the
effect of hiding the URL-bar and giving the overlay fullscreen.


1. Is there a less hackish way of hiding the URL bar on mobile?

2. Avoid scrolling on desktop.

A more general version of #2 is "properly manage overlays on desktop". The
current bridge in MobileFrontend/javascripts/desktop is rather minimal and
doesn't *really* produce overlays that work well on desktop. For example the X
to close the overlay is currently broken on desktop (works on mobile), though
perhaps a separate bug should be filed for that.

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