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Recommend that, prior to script being run on Wikimedia wikis, there be
communication with at least the current oversighters for the affected projects,
and likely with the communities of the affected projects.  This should probably
include the reason for making these changes, reassurance that the previously
oversighted edits will only be viewable by those with Oversight/steward
permissions, and perhaps a screenshot of how the page history will look before
and after the script is run. Also describe how edits to now-deleted pages will
be affected, and what will happen if those now-deleted pages are subsequently
undeleted (i.e., will the oversighted edits remain out of the page history or
will they be reinstated in the same format as other suppressed edits when
undeletion occurs).  

Please also confirm that all suppressible aspects of the edits (name of editor,
content of edit, edit summary) will be suppressed by default, and inform
oversighters whether or not they will be able to reverse the elements of
suppression. (I'm assuming yes, but full information will make this a smoother

The advance communication will give the opportunity for anyone to ask questions
and receive responses prior to this change, and will reduce the likelihood of
distress caused when edits thought to be permanently removed from page
histories suddenly reappear.

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