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> Also describe how edits to now-deleted pages will be affected

So this is very unclear, but I think I sort of understand what you mean - if
you oversight an edit, delete the page, and run the migration script, the OS'd
edit becomes suppressed in the deleted history archive.

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> what will happen if those now-deleted pages are subsequently
> undeleted (i.e., will the oversighted edits remain out of the page history or
> will they be reinstated in the same format as other suppressed edits when
> undeletion occurs).  

Once the migration is done you will not be able to tell what came from the OS
system and any other suppressed edit without looking at the times each system
was used. They will become suppressed edits and therefore behave as suppressed
edits. Undeleting a suppressed edit means it is no longer in the deleted
history archive. You should see the suppressed edit as a timestamp and grey
lines in public history.

(In reply to comment #1)
> Please also confirm that all suppressible aspects of the edits (name of
> editor,
> content of edit, edit summary) will be suppressed by default

Yes, this goes without saying.

(In reply to comment #1)
> and inform
> oversighters whether or not they will be able to reverse the elements of
> suppression. (I'm assuming yes, but full information will make this a
> smoother
> transition.)

Yes, as I said these OS'd edits become suppressed edits. They behave as
suppressed edits. You can reverse suppression.

(In reply to comment #1)
> distress caused when edits thought to be permanently removed from page
> histories suddenly reappear.

These OS'd edits BECOME SUPPRESSED EDITS. We are not expecting any currently
private information to be exposed by this. If it happens then that's a big bug
and should have already been caught. What is revealed is that an edit existed
at a certain place in page history and what timestamp it had - and despite what
certain people would like, this is NOT private information.

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